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Friday, July 13, 2012

SNHU MFA Graduate Dillon St. Jean … Penn State ... Shroud Magazine ... Rough Riders …


Dillon’s been writing since he was little. He was Creative Editor of the SNHU Observer, President of the Creative Writing Club at SNHU, and a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. He graduated from SNHU with a B.A. in Creative Writing and English in 2010, and received an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Creative Writing Program. Now in 2012 he’s graduated again with an M.F.A. in Fiction and no idea what he’s doing next. Fortunately his short story “The Men Who Dispose of Giants” was just accepted by Isotropic Fiction (and that’s what I’m talking about!)

Dillon St. Jean’s novel, Harvey the Clown, is a comedic look at the fear of letting down the people you love, at the expense of your own happiness. Harvey Hobbs is a nineteen year-old clown who works for his father and has lost the ability to laugh, but doesn’t know how to get out of the job without hurting his father’s feelings. He explores the reasons for his unhappiness to see if he can get out of his life in clown shoes.

Dillon read from his novel at graduation and was absolutely wonderful. Hilarious and poignant. Wonderful stuff ...

Dillon rocks!

It was as obvious as it first appeared. An institution, an athletic program and a coaching legend were more important than young kids. The mistakes made back in 1998 (if not earlier) are unforgivable and no less so than janitors who clammed up from fear of their jobs or a graduate assistant who ran home to Daddy for help on what to do when what to do couldn’t be more obvious (stop the rape).

Whatever happens, Penn State deserves it. Paterno was fortunate to have passed before his disgrace went viral, but only those wearing loyalist Penn State/Joe Paterno blinders couldn’t see what was obvious when this scandal first broke. One has to wonder how long and in what form the next college athletic scandal will take center stage. Based on how so much is swept under the rug (because of the dollars collegiate sports represents), my guess is it won’t take long at all.

And yes, the statue needs to go ...

Shroud Magazine ... a couple of fellow SNHU MFA brethren (both graduates and award winners: Tim Deal and Jason Korolenko) are featured in the 12th edition of Shroud Magazine. I have a short story in there too (it takes place on the campus of SNHU and involves Star (shutter) Island somehow ... if any of yous remember Tommy Red from Baltimore Noir’s Ode to the O’s, you’ll remember Tommy Red. Click on the link and support the arts and Shroud magazine (but a dozen copies)

Jason Korolenko VISITATION DAY


It’s official, the books have been signed and will be on their way to California domani ... the release will coincide with the opening of NFL camps and the start of my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills greatest season ever ... Go Bills! Go Rough Riders! And if you’re still in the mood to buy stuff ... pre-order a copy of Rough Riders today!


For Harvey ...