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Friday, July 6, 2012

SNHU MFA 2012 Graduate, Robert Greene … A Tragic Honesty … Beware of Mr. Baker … RIP Cliff ...


First up is Robert Greene ... or as he insists he’s called at home and on campus, Robert William Wright Greene (a.k.a. Robbie 4 names) From his CV: Robert Greene is an award-winning fictionist, journalist, teacher, and all-around creative type who specializes in diving into the deep end and swimming to the top. “Robert is an amazing teacher. He challenges the kids, teaches them valuable skills, and keeps them engaged in the subject. He is always looking for new ways to teach, using many different methods old and new. He is one of the best.” – Beth Scaer via LinkedIn.

There’s more, amici ... much more. Robert also happens to run creative writing classes where he teaches and goes the quadruple extra miles with his students ... he’s a dedicated author, husband and all around nice guy. I considered calling him Atticus (because of his serious nature) but once I saw all those names, how could I pass on Robbie 4 names?

More from his website: R.W.W. Greene was born in Clinton, S.C. in 1971 but his family soon moved to Maine. He spent most of his growing-up years in a wee farm town. After taking a year off post high school to “find himself” and sell stereos at a big retail chain, Greene became a freshman at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. He majored in political science, minored in nearly everything else, and graduated in 1994.

While in college, Greene wrote for the student newspaper and was active in student government. Returning to Maine, Greene took a job driving a forklift and moving large boxes of candy at a distribution warehouse. Ten months after that, in March of 1995, Greene assisted in the launch of the Capital Weekly, a small newspaper covering the Kennebec Valley region.

Greene worked at newspapers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and upstate New York. His last newspaper gig was editing a motorcycle magazine called The Oxx. Somewhere in there, Greene worked as trail staff for the Stephen L. French Forestry Camp. (Essentially it was a shortcut out of jail for young felons. Greene played the role of prison guard, mountain guide and general-ed teacher.) He also served as communications director of an Albany-based think tank.

Check out Rob in the SNHU video  below ...

Greene works as an English teacher in New Hampshire. His classes include sci-fi lit, journalism, and creative writing. He lives nearby with his wife, their 15-year-old son, and two rather odd cats: Huzzah! and Jack. Greene was an MFA candidate in the fiction-writing program at Southern New Hampshire University. Now he’s an award winning graduate. He doesn't play his guitar nearly as much as he'd like.

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH
MFA in Fiction Writing 2012
Thesis: “Leaving Home” a novel
Honors: Thesis earned the inaugural Lynn M. Safford Book Prize
Wheaton College, Norton, MA
BA Political Science 1994
Thesis: “Political Leadership According to Rob and Rost”

2010 Boys and Girls Club Teacher of Excellence
2009 Outstanding Faculty Member, Nashua High School South
1995-2006 New Hampshire Press Association award for sports-feature Writing, New England Press Association (NEPA) award for arts-and-entertainment writing, NEPA "Editorial Writer" award, Massachusetts Press Association (MPA) awards for editorial writing, MPA "Serious Columnist" award, Maine Press Association sports-feature award.

Most of yous know how I feel about the writer Richard Yates. He’s one of my very favorite authors. This semester I’ll be doing my critical essay on his works and I’ve begun rereading a ton his work and all the available resources I can find (and there’s a ton). One of the more interesting tidbits I learned (and obviously forgot afterward) the first time I read Blake Bailey’s wonderful biography on Yates was his meeting one of my very favorite comedians, Larry David. It happened through one of his daughters who was dating David at the time. Years later, David would parody the experience in a Seinfeld episode ... and here’s the background to now that came about.

I can’t say enough about Blake Bailey’s bio ... Amici, if you want to know about Richard Yates, this is the book to read. Incredible, really.

Beware of Mr. Baker … Another of my favorites (this time drummers) is Ginger Baker. Long known for his ability to get into the shit in pretty much all situations, Baker was also one of the most innovative jazz drummers on the planet. His fame was made with the rock group Cream, but Baker had been and remains to this day, a jazz drummer with chops most drummers can only dream of having.

I recently learned (by accident) about a documentary done on Baker and here’s the trailer. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see this baby!

On a very sad note, the other day I learned of the passing of one of the sweetest guys I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Cliff Radlauer was a true humanitarian first and foremost. He was also one hell of a bass player. We’ve been out of touch since he apparently became ill and passed from cancer and it was a true shock to learn of his passing. Cliff would go to animal shelters and take the pets about to be put down and nurse them for the duration of their lives. He was smart and kind and we’ll miss him at casa Stella, both Ann Marie and myself.

Rest In Peace, my brother.


Momma Stella is out of CCU and hanging tough ... we’ll be seeing her over this weekend again. I love my Mommy!