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Thursday, July 22, 2010

DOC reviews a book his brother lent him ... Double DOC ...


DOC is picking up the TK slack (as I try hard to continue losing tonnage and write a few books--I'm down to 312 this morning and close to finished with 2 new books). DOC's much more enlightened brother sent Mr. Charm a book to read (no doubt to try and soften the piece of lead in the middle of DOC's chest cavity). And, of course, DOC forgot to mention the author's name of said book, Angela's Ashes, by Frank McCourt.

Hey Chaz,

I’ve got nothing for you. There’s hardly anything going on in the news except for that Sherrod clusterf*ck and I have noticed that whenever I delve into racial issues you start to sweat heavily and consult lawyers.

I did write a book review of sorts. My brother’s friend gave me a copy of Frank McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes”. This is the note I sent to him.

Hi Omar,

I just started reading Angela's Ashes. It's quite the light summer read. It has poverty, homelessness, prejudice, sickness, bed bugs, alcoholism, two dead babies and I'm only up to page 60. I can only imagine what frivolity is in the next 300 pages.

I hope you don't mind, but I wrote the phone number for the Suicide Hotline on the cover. It might come in handy for me or anyone else you lend this page-turner to.

Thanks a lot, brother

This book was on the bestseller list, so I’m sure you never got around to reviewing it. I’ve noticed you have a certain disdain for any book that sells more than 28 copies.

Don’t be glum, buddy boy. The Bamster just finished his 7th vacation and his Broadway party, so next week he might actually do something and we’ll have fresh material.

Have a good week, big guy

And the DOC says (again) ...

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Thursday signed legislation intended to slash by $50 billion the taxpayer money improperly paid to dead people, fugitives and those in jail who shouldn't be getting benefits. – ABC News

While this sounds like a worthwhile endeavor there are a few questions banging around in the lovable old Docster’s brain. To put this in perspective, the amount of money improperly paid to dead people, fugitives and jailbirds is 110 Billion dollars.

Q1: Did we not have legislation before that discouraged sending out checks to make believe people?
Q2: If we know that the figure is $110 Billion we must know which are the fraudulent payments. Couldn’t we just stop paying them?
Q3 Since he is the smartest man in America couldn’t Fredo set the bar a little higher and sign legislation to stop ALL fraudulent payments. It would seem that $60 Billion is an acceptable level of fraud for the White House.

This is the problem with having 500+ lawmakers working (almost) full time in Washington. They feel to justify their ridiculous salaries they must be writing new laws all the time. Let’s face it, how many new crimes are being invented everyday? After 200 years of lawmaking wouldn’t you think we have everything just about covered? Wouldn’t the above $110 Billion be covered under existing fraud and theft laws.

Unfortunately, enforcing existing laws is not as glamorous as writing new laws. You don’t get to put your name on it when a law is enforced.

The “Are You F*cking Kidding Me” Segment
GM has just acquired an automobile loan company to (in their own words) give car loans to people with bad credit ratings.

The new financial regulations that were just passed totally exclude regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Bamster’s 8th vacation of the year will be in Florida.

The iphone4’s only known glitch involves making and receiving phone calls

Lindsay Lohan is in the Big House and Charlie Rangel is writing our tax laws

Fredo just threw Tom Vilsack (Dept. of Agriculture) under the bus. Wow! Who saw that coming?

And for the Friday musical interlude

Have a great weekend