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Saturday, July 31, 2010

DOC speaks ... and some more kind words on Johnny Porno ...


Independent Crime on Johnny Porno ...

The DOC says: Well, it certainly has been an emotionally charged week. First we had President Bamster sitting down with the hard-boiled journalists on The View followed up by the love fest between Charles Stella and his new BFF Lynn Kostoff.

Let’s be honest. President Fredo looked like the “dreamy” varsity football star sitting down with the homely girls from the advanced Home Ec class. The pretty blond tried to ask some newsworthy questions, but her microphone was quickly turned off and we got down to the fawning admiration segment. We’ve got 2 wars going on and the girls grill Fredo about Lindsay Lohan and Snookie? And where did that “mongrel” comment come from? I got censored on Knucksline (of all places) for a few paragraphs on the size of Michelle’s ass. This is the reason why Fredo shouldn’t stray too far from the teleprompters.

It seems John “why the long face” Kerry has been embarrassed into paying the taxes on his new $7 million yacht. That’s a step in the right direction, but with 17% unemployment wouldn’t it have been a nice gesture for the U.S. senator to have had his new toy built in the United States.

Of course Charlie Rangel told Kerry that he was crazy for paying the taxes. Tell me Charles, when you owed the IRS the 26 grand why didn’t you just ignore them for a few years and then take “the Deal”?

Government Motors (bailed out by you and owned by the UAW) has just come out with their mostly electric car. It costs $41,000 and has a range of 40 miles with a battery built in South Korea. Nissan (non-union) has come out with their totally electric car. It has a range of 100 miles and costs $32,000. GM has countered Nissan by offering an optional 60 mile long extension cord.

Some suitable background music for the interviews of the week.

Have a great weekend

One more good one for Johnny Porno ...

Books are for Squares.

Another good job by Stella. Multiple characters and storylines all joining together at the end. Stella is good at pacing the story among the different characters and increasing that for the climax at the end.

1973, New York. John Albano lost his union carpenter job and is struggling to make his rent, pay his child support, and put gas in his car. John takes job with the mob to drop off film reels of Deep Throat on Fridays and pick them up receipts on Sundays. Albano's selfish ex-wife, Nancy, is cheating on her third husband with he first husband, Louis. Louis is a gambling addict who owes money to all sorts of bad people. Louis plans to rob the receipts off Albano with Nancy's help. Other characters include a couple cops, a dirty cop, a couple mob guys, Louis college aged girlfriend, a fat loan shark, an FBI agent, an FBI informant, and others. Pay attention when reading to get the full effect.

1. Dialogue written as spoken. That took a few pages for me to adjust to.
2. Intricate plot with multiple interconnections between the storylines.
3. Humor found in the interactions of the characters. Some scenes could be played as slapstick.
4. Main character like many of Stella's other characters as, "Stubborn to the point of suicidal."
5. Common Stella themes: low level mob guys chafing at the bullshit of people above them, mob bosses who only care for the cash but pretend otherwise, low level mob guys struggling with cash and family issues, an incredibly selfish female character I - as the reader - am disgusted by, cops following clues in effort to catch-up.
6. Period car love.
7. All-in-all another good book by Stella. Hopefully this one will get the attention it deserves.
8. Now I feel like I'm sucking up to Stella because I know he'll read this. I'm not. It's a real good book.

Crimeculture Interview with my BFF, Lynn Kostoff.

Order Johnny Porno here.

Have a great, SAFE, weekend ... we're off to Wrong Island for a wedding of the first order ... Billy Louisa (one of the hardest working men you'll ever meet and his lovely bride to be {in just a few more hours}, Trish Riley {another freckled beauty}). These two are teachers and Billy works about sixteen other jobs, including football coach and bartender. We can't admire their work ethic and decency enough. So, tip a glass today, amici ... I'll be tipping many ...