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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A TK Political Rant ... Two Sides Of The Same Coin ... DOC says ...

Upfront let TK make its position very clear: Gay Americans should have every single right straight Americans have (including marriage, the right to serve without lying about their sexuality and the right to adopt, etc.). Although we don’t agree with much of John McCain’s political platform, there’s no way to deny the man is an American hero (like his politics or not, McCain more than served his country with total and absolute honor). Does that excuse him from being targeted politically? Obviously not, but here’s where TK finds frustration with those who would attack his “honor”. Is it because McCain’s position (albeit conveniently politically vague) is contrary to those who attack his honor? If so, it is difficult to take the attackers seriously when their own political beliefs aren’t being represented by the party they swear blind faith allegiance to. The formula there appears to be: If you’re conservative, you’re not only wrong, you’re dishonest, racist, homophobic, etc. (sort of what Keith Olbermann might say about anybody who disagrees with his world view).

On one such blind faith site, a recent post insinuates that McCain has changed his position regarding gays serving in the military and that he and his party have no principles: “They're not even trying to pretend any more that they have any principles at all. They're lying to our faces, they know it, we know it, and they just don't care.”

Do I hear $400 million? Going, going ... sold for $300 million!

Need we get into the lies (or are they just broken promises?) President Fredo has engaged in regarding how he’d “change” Washington? Don’t forget it wasn’t a Republican who benefited from a 2nd Louisiana Purchase (nice “change”) … and it wasn’t a Republican who dished out 9,000 earmarks and a few days later claimed there’d be no more earmarks. Is President Fredo really “fighting” for the middle class (without a single stipulation in his never ending bailouts of Wall Street and auto-makers to protect workers—the actual middle class)? Is he really holding Wall Street “accountable”? That $38 BILLION tax break to bailed-out banks sure fooled me. Once again he’s talking tough against the banks, but it is long after they’ve cashed in (on us). And frankly, can he deliver on ANYTHING he says he’ll do? So far the answer has been a resounding: No He Can’t.

As a side note, Wednesday it was announced that AIG rewarded itself with $100 MILLION in bonuses.

Thanks, Fredo.

Why make an issue of it? Because right now the Democratic Party is the one with the juice to get things done for gays and everybody else in this country and it is the Democratic Party platform (including President Fredo’s two cents on the subject) who are against gay marriage (and has voted hand in hand with Republicans going back to the Clinton administration, when Slick Willy figured it was better to move to the right than fight for his “principles”).

While McCain was being a politician, we didn’t see much of a difference in what he had to say in 2006 versus what he said the other day. We think it is a bullshit answer, but that’s what politicians from either major party do, they bullshit us. They tell us what they think we want to hear. McCain had issues with conservatives in his own party and was trying to lean that way. Does that make him duplicitous? You bet your ass it does. Does it make him dishonorable? We think that’s stretching it a bit.

But, okay, so what’s President Fredo’s excuse? Even if McCain in his heart is against gay marriage, etc., I seriously doubt President Fredo is and that’s a fucking shame (that he’d act politically rather than show he has principle?). And if he does think the same way as McCain regarding gay rights … well, that’s an even bigger fucking shame. Is it okay for gays to fight and die for their country but not marry once they're back home? What's up with that?

Obviously the message Scott Brown sent the nation a couple of weeks ago hasn’t resonated with blind faith democratic loyalists as they continue to Republican bash rather than hold their own accountable. What TK found amazing about that election was the fact that American citizens voted for a candidate who had pronounced he was for further deregulation of the same banks that put the wood to all of us a little over a year ago (because there wasn’t enough “oversight” the Democrats screamed). Yet there has yet to be a single piece of oversight legislation passed since the financial crisis/Wall Street’s extortion.

Way to go, Democrats!

Thanks again, Fredo.

We sit here dumbfounded that Americans sided with proponents of the policy that buried us all … but then we see blind faith Dems on the left continue to pounce on the right (including McCain) while ignoring the fact their party hasn’t done a blessed thing to protect them … and then Scott Brown makes all the sense in the world. The Democratic Party ignores the left because they can count on them no matter what. Independents and Democrats sick of the broken promises and name calling look for results and what they see is meet the new boss, same as the old boss ... and so they run the other way in what amounts to a game of political ping pong in which the voters never win.

Clinton did it to me back when it was more important for him to defend his future legacy in court because of his inability to keep it in his pants (while America was taking terrorist hits here and abroad). Was the persecution of his extra marital affair absurd? It was no doubt politics as usual, but the fact a sitting President would tie up his time and energy defending that bullshit (which he had to back down from once the magic stain was introduced) while the country was taking hits convinced us he wasn’t worthy of the office. Hide the cigar lost all its comedic value once the Cole was attacked. We took the chance and supported the right.

Big mistake? Not really. A mistake, no doubt, but not so big when we consider what the Democratic Party has done since it came to FULL POWER a year ago.

The difference is here at TK the Republicans haven’t chased us back to the Democrats. They screwed up so badly, they’ve chased us to another dimension. Between the two parties, we’d welcome anything but either party, to include: The Communist Party, the Socialist Party, even the Libertarian Party. You name it, we’ll take it (somebody say Curmudgeons?). Anything but these two sets of the same bought and sold hacks making fools of us all.

Frankly, after Goldman Sachs announced its record profits last year, we thought there might be a voter revolution, but we’re all too busy trying to survive. Now that AIG has reported it is giving out $100 million in bonuses to its own, we don’t expect anything different from the suckers who paid for it (all of us). There’s only one way to really change Washington folks and it comes every election day (year by year) and it has EVERYTHING to do with voting both major parties out of office.

Or we can keep calling each other names and taking it up the ass.


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and the DOC says ...

Oh, Chaz,

It might be time to bar the doors on Knucksline corporate headquarters because I think you are gonna make a lot of enemies with this one.

John McCain:

Undeniably he was a hero in his 20s. I however, don't think that gives you hero status for the rest of your life. He is a career politician and numerous times has betrayed the Republican ideals for which he was elected. The man has "reached across the aisle" so many times I wonder why he bothers to sit on the other side of the aisle. This is the guy who wants to legalize 12-20 million illegal aliens without so much as a library card check. How much damage will be caused by 20 million new voters? You know ACORN and the Dems are just salivating over this new infusion of votes.

I never understood his "Maverick" status unless you could also apply "maverick" status to the French of the 1940s.

Gays in the military:

We're involved in 2 wars now. This might not be the proper time to revamp the military. And while we are at it, exactly how many gays are we talking about who want to join the military in wartime? Are we talking about 30-50 thousand boots on the ground? Unless every barrista at Starbucks who is pumping steamed milk into low-fat, latte's would rather be pumping .50 caliber rounds into a muslim hideout in Kabul, perhaps we could have this discussion at some other time.

New IRS collection methods:

The IRS is looking to purchase 60 12 gauge Remington pump action shotguns with 14" barrels. Now for the firearms challenged, like yourself, a shotgun with an 18" barrel is referred to as a "combat shotgun" or a "riot gun". A 14" barrel is best used at ranges encountered in the average East Side Manhattan apartment. What exactly is the IRS expecting?

Requisition form here

Fredo's Luca Brazzi:

In August, Rahm Emanuel referred to certain Democrats as "Fucking Retards". He has recently been forced to apologise to the "retards". There are no plans at this time to apologise to the Democrats. You can't make this stuff up.

Lock and load, buddy-boy
Your pal