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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Katz's ... Winning the Hearts of Afghanis ... Delusional Grandeur ... Video time ...


Katz's … the deli, not the fugazy musical … I used to live close to Katz's (back in my Little Italy days) and often enjoyed way too much Pastrami for any single human ... last year I went with my two sons (one talks to me) and the bill was close to $80.00 ... I haven’t been back since but I do crave it from time to time ... the Principessa Ann Marie and myself once stopped there after a full dinner at The Palm Too for sandwiches and a few franks for the road ... it’s one reason I’m lifting in the super heavyweight division Sunday.

But do yous remember this: Send a Salami to your boy in the Army?

Well, at TK, we say: Send a Johnny Porno to everyone you know-oh ... and a few people you don't know! Make friends with Kool-Aid and Johnny Porno!

Some more kind words about Johnny Porno on the right hand column (what we have so far).

Pre-order Johnny Porno here.

Oops ... U.S. airstrike kills at least 25 civilians in Afghanistan. But fear not, amici, the native Afghanis remaining (those who haven’t been killed yet) will love us for the civilian trials we’re giving the “criminals” here. Still, we probably shouldn’t ask native Afghanis how that "necessary war" is workin' out for them ...

Delusional grandeur … one religiously blind faither described Scott Brown’s voting for the jobs bill (that was scaled down from an original 85 billion to a Republican-like 15 billion) thusly: “How's that upcoming Republican majority workin' for ya?”

Seriously, poking fun at wingnuts because a Republican who just won Ted Kennedy’s seat voted for a Democratic sponsored Jobs bill (only because the Democrats turned themselves into Republicans YET AGAIN and scaled it down by, oh, let’s see … 70 BILLION DOLLARS sound right?), suggests the blind faithers need to bypass the decaf pot in the morning and try the real thing.

And on that note a reminder for the never-ending one note sambas coming from the same blind-faithers: How’s that 2008 Presidential election of Hope and Change thingie workin’ out for ya?

The sad thing is that everything mentioned in that video remains UNCHANGED. Like the video says, President Fredo has accomplished two things thus far: Jack & Squat.