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Monday, May 9, 2016

Disposal Wells … Bolts take down the Islanders … What I’m reading now … George V. Higgins bio …

Disposal Wells … a CBS 60 Minutes report on the exponential rise in earthquakes in Oklahoma was an indictment on oil production in that state, but if your home was damaged or destroyed and you were looking for help from the government, state or federal, you were/are shit out of luck. It wasn’t fracking doing the main damage, not in this instance, but it has been oil production, at least according to scientists (that widely ignored species by Republicans and oilmen alike). Disposal wells apparently involve pumping water/waste fluids deep underground, and what it does once it gets there is upset the natural friction between fault lines. What was most disconcerting in the CBS report was hearing how those affected most by the rise in earthquakes, from 2-3 a year to more than 900 a year, the people of Oklahoma and their public safety, is how they are being totally disregarded because of the power oil business wields within the state. Oil employs 1 out of every 6 Oklahomans; the essence of that fact, at least according to the oil business and the state politicians they own, is: You can either live with your house falling down and maybe killing you and/or yours … or you can apply for food stamps.

Oy vey …
Of course the oil people didn’t respond to interview requests, although there was one defender of oil, and he made no bones about the business side of the equation carrying much more weight than public safety.

It’s one more example of the INEVITABILITY of capitalism. Nothing will ever take precedence over profit in our world, including public safety, so long as economies are based solely on private profit, which allows the purchase of government at the expense of the people.

It’s just another bright shining star of American Exceptionalism, amici … and some extremely short-sighted logic.

Bolts in 5 … nobody would’ve predicted the badly injured and hurting Tampa Bay Lightning would take the first two rounds after just 5 games each, but that’s what happened Sunday afternoon when the Bolts played possibly their best game of the season in routing the Brooklyn Long Islanders, 4-0. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit I never thought we’d win in less than 7, if at all, but the Bolts really showed what they’re made of in this series. The Islanders have a brutal checking team; their fourth line is made of linebackers, with Matt Martin playing the Dick Butkus role, but our guys never backed down, and by Game 5, I think we surprised the Islanders with some clean but equally brutally hard checks of our own (Cally on Leddy, Cally on Hamonic). We took hits (Drouin) and responded, and I don’t think the Islanders knew what to do about it.

And it doesn’t hurt when you have Ben Bishop in net. He continues to amaze, closing out both series with shutouts. Nikita Kucherov continues to light the lamps with 10 goals in as many playoff games, and Victor Hedman is shining on both ends of the ice. The Bolts penalty kill units seem to be breaking down the momentum of their opponents. Boyle, Callahan, Palat, Pacquette, etc., continue to frustrate opponents’ man (and two man—twice in the Detroit series) advantages.

While it remains a mystery as to whether or not the missing trio of Stamkos, Stralman and Brown will be able to return for the next round, the Bolts are clearly playing their best hockey of the season.

The Caps and Pens are fighting it out, with the Pens leading that series 3-2. Hopefully it’ll go 7 and we can get some much needed rest.

Shot in Detroit, by Patti Abbottt … review to come closer to the book release, but in the meantime, I’m close to finished and enjoying this one thoroughly. A page turner about a photographer with a newfound project—photographing recently dead young black males: a murder victim, a death from illness, (West Nile virus), an overdose, etc., but they all fascinate and complicate matters when a search for weird, dark, edgy stuff leads to an unexpected death and turn in events. Review coming closer to the book’s release.  Get it here.

George V. Higgins: The Life and Writings … found this on amazon and grabbed the last copy for $45.00 fazools (Ouch!), but, hey, happy birthday to me.

In the cue … Joe Clifford’s December Boys: A Jay Porter Novel (amazon tells me it’s on the way) … review before we leave for New Hampshire … and a return to shutter island? Get it here.

And some very kind words for Tommy Red from Dana King at OBAT ... read about it here.

Get Tommy Red here.


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