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Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding Tambri, by Sherry Meeks … New Band in Town … Meet the New Boss …


Finding Tambri, by Sherry Meeks … a wonderful telling of the effects the loss of a child can have on a person. We pick up on Tambri after the loss of her son, Sammy. Her marriage to Sammy’s father, Daniel, has failed since their tragic loss. Failed relationships/marriages begin to mount as Tambri moves from one wrong man to another, never fully recovering from the loss of her child. Each story in the collection that makes up the novel is presented in first person, offering different character perspectives of the same events, and/or linking the several relationships and their consequences together.
Her best friend, Vickie, has made helping Tambri her crusade. The alternative to Tambri finding herself is a depression that won’t quit. Tambri’s one caveat to meeting new men is that they don’t have children. Her journey from one failed relationship to another was foretold to her in a deck of playing cards Tambri’s grandmother read when Tambri was a young girl. With each failed attempt at love, Tambri loses a little more of herself. Each wrong man in her life possesses his own special flaw. When anyone feels as if he/she doesn’t deserve any good in their life, the struggle to survive can quickly become unbearable. An accident in a sporting goods store leaves Tambri with a concussion that fuels a dream in which she sees her son, Sammy, and her grandmother. What happens after that is a spoiler we won’t reveal.
Can an electrician with kids of his own, recently separated from his cheating wife, make things better or worse for Tambri? After the loss of a child, can anyone ever recover? Can Tambri ever find herself?
Finding Tambri is a wonderful read that bares the soul of a woman desperate from the loss of a child. With poignant narrative, humor and heartfelt emotion, Sherry Meeks does a terrific job of telling the story of one woman’s search to find herself. Very Highly Recommended.
Call in with questions at this number: (646) 716-9922
Listen to me, amici: This band can play. They call themselves: The Great Depression Sux … Their last weekend tour was from 11/5 until 11/8. Starting in Philadelphia, than New Brunswick, NJ, East Hampton, MA, and last was Southbridge, MA. They have two more of similar tours coming up in January and February (dates/locations aren't exactly "set" yet). They have an E.P. for free here (click on the link). They will be recording a new record within a couple of months. They’re also on Facebook.
You like good music? Check them out …
Meet the New Boss … As you can see, he’s already won his Mommys heart. Originally, we were looking for a dog a little less like our beloved Rigoletto. I kind of fell for the pit bull puppy from the movie, The Drop, and thought I’d name the next addition to Casa Stella, Tom Hardy or Bob Saginowski. As it turned out, a Rigoletto clone found us first. His name is Scrapper (because he loves to play-fight and teethe on our faces, toes, socks, fingers … you name it, he’ll teethe on it). His full name is Scrapper Tom Hardy Cucci-Stella and he’s already taken over Casa Stella. He demands full-time attention, as I learned earlier this morning when I went to use the bathroom, shave and shower. He barked and cried the entire time I left him caged in the kitchen. And he was pissed off when I came down to release him. Since then, I’ve had to move his bed into my writing room or he lets me know he still wants attention.
Our first visit to the veterinarian was a good one this morning.
Scrapper’s mantra seems to be: No attention, no peace!
We’re hoping to secure a partner for him, a rescue named Charles (although we’d probably change his name) … to Bob Saginowski?)
There’s life back in Casa Stella, amici … and it’s a beautiful thing.
Why the entire Chicago city administration should be facing jail time, including their scumbag of a mayor.