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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Boo-Dee-Bah! … The Rangers … A wonderful Polish film …


Hey, 30 years ago today, the Boo-Dee-Bah was born. Above he’s coming to America … he’s the youngest of the loins of my cloth (my wife informs me it’s actually the fruit of my loins, but I yield to idiot status whenever it helps get a chuckle from her ... and brothers and sisters, did she laugh at me when I said it visiting Momma Stella on Mother’s Day) … Dustin William Stella is as clever as they come, stubborn as a mule (I wonder where he gets that from?) … handsome and, well, his brother knows what comes next (and he didn’t get it from me—tall and thin, tall and thin!)

Unfortunately, he was sucked into being a Buffalo Bills fan (all my brats were), but I’m working on him to change favorite sports over to hockey. A working man’s job is never done …

Here he is with his brother and sister (my favorite picture of the young Stella clan).

Here he is with a hottie …

Here he is wearing my jacket …

Here he is with someone else’s jacket …

I know, I know ... get the kid a jacket of his own already!
Here he is with his hot tomata’ (Madalynn) and James (The Dogfella) Guiliani!

What can I say, he's a Super Son!
The Rangers … Of course heartfelt condolences are extended to Martin St. Louis for the sudden loss of his mother (last week) the day before the raucous Ranger comeback began. We send heartfelt condolences to all those who’ve lost a loved one at any time. Tonight the Rangers completed an incredible comeback against a team that tends to be all hype until it counts … it was good to see Brian Boyle put one in the net … and his diving to make and block passes reminds me so much of Captain Callahan … it was a great comeback and a fine win … of course it cost them a first round pick, but that’s to Tampa Bay’s credit … as much as I’m enjoying the playoffs, I await the signing of Callahan … wherever he goes, so goes Charlie and Temporary Knucksline … and now that I’m down 52 pounds (107 to go), I can finally fit into a Callahan jersey.

In the Name of … A wonderful Polish film dealing with one man’s struggle with his sexuality. Father Adam (Andrzej Chyra) had been transferred to a less than exciting parish. He is into the rough stuff during soccer games with a group juvenile delinquents. He’s good with them, but has a propensity to booze and run off his sexual frustrations in the woods. Two students become a focus of what’s to come (no spoilers) … it is a wonderful film, unless you’re a homophobe. Very highly recommended.

I watched this again today at work during lunch … breaks my heart that he’s not here where he belongs, especially during the playoffs.

Remember this one?