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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Midnight Cowboy … Cherry Blossoms … Buffalo Jills … The Likely Combatants … A new Chew Toy … Fund Raiser for an animal rescue …


Midnight CowboyJames Leo Herlihy’s second novel and perhaps his best. Written in 1965, the story of the awkward life of one Joe Buck is a compelling read. I’ve yet to see the movie, so I’m not sure when the Ratso Rizzo character appears in the flick, but it is beyond than halfway point of the novel. What comes before Joe’s trip to New York is as compelling and painful as his eventual move to New York and then Florida. Herlihy was an amazing writer, one of many I was completely unaware of (in my literary ignorance), but I’m sure happy I found this guy. Joe Buck has issues, both mental and emotional, and his life is series of bad choices and worse breaks, but it takes at least a temporary turn for the better (at least as regards what counts in his life) when he’s duped by Rizzo. What happens after is the tough stuff this life (especially Joe’s and Rizzo’s) is sometimes made of. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ.

Cherry Blossoms … heartbreaking story with a twist that had tears pouring from mine eyes (always wanted to use that phrase) … A German couple in their senior years … the wife learns of the husband’s illness but doesn’t share it with the kids (who are so self-center and ungrateful to their parents, you want to smack them all with a baseball bat) … the wife takes the doctors’ advice and gets him to take a vacation (visit the ungrateful brats and their brood), visit the sea, etc. … really heartbreaking and well worth the time (except you’ll need tissues, no doubt)… starts in Germany and ends in Japan (with Bhuto dancing) at Mt. Fuji, before returning to Deutschland … GREAT movie.
The likely combatants … in this corner:

Forgetting the fiasco her husband embroiled her in during his disastrous presidency (although the right seemed to think he was the 2nd coming of Ronald Reagan during Obama’s 1st term, and the left forgets how to the right he played his hand as regards banking deregulation, including the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act) … anyway, Hillary has her own debacles to own up to … including voting for the Iraq War, Benghazi, her Bosnia “coming under fire” fantasy, and then blowing her shoe-in candidacy to Obama in 2008.

It would be nice to see Bernie Sanders in the race, but it won’t happen … loyalist Democrats, first and foremost, would crap their collective diapers, claiming he’d split the party … but he’s the only one TK would openly support.
The only other candidate we’d consider supporting (quietly), but only against our absolute dread of the party behind her, is Elizabeth Warren. Now that could be a knock-down, drag out brawl between her and Hillary, but something tells me the deals the big H will make behind the scenes with Wall Street, et al, would probably crush Warren’s limited resources (and let’s face it, that’s all these bullshit elections come down to in the end—money & the corruption it can buy).

On the right, TK suspects the two front runners will be:

He’s actually the smart Bush, but Jeb is still a Bush, and he’s a Republican, and he’ll have to sell-out just as much as whoever else wants the top spot. Working against him will be his last name. Working for him will be his Latino connections/wife … he’ll have to fight off the Tea Party whackjobs, but we suspect if he runs, he’ll be the nominee.

He’s fat and often mean, and he’s got Bridge-Gate to dance around, but he could well delivery New Jersey if he could survive the onslaught from the extreme right. He just might be heavy enough to be standing once the tea party tornados blow themselves out.


The gift Democrats are crossing their fingers for. This little shit probably can’t deliver his own state, but he has no problem lying through his teeth, whether it’s about his love of Ayn Rand or his willingness to cave into special interests. We don’t see him making it all the way, not at all.

The two whackjobs on the extreme right, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, would be handing the Democrats the keys to the car for another 4 years at least, and we don’t think the GOP is that crazy just yet.

TK says: Enjoy the show …
Buffalo Jills … not only does our overall management stink, they don’t pay our cheerleaders. What’s up with that? Pay the women … for cryin’ out loud, imagine having to cheer for the Bills in the winter? As for seeing what parts of their body can jiggle, that should cost the Bills a million a jiggle, Knucks says.

 Nice ...

The Moonachie Dog Killers (formerly known as the Moonachie Green Team a.k.a. the Moonachie Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets signed Michael (the dog killer) Vick … show how much you appreciate the new Moonachie QB and get your Michael Vick chew toy today!

A fund raiser to an animal Sanctuary … and you’re ALL INVITED! James (The Diamond Collar) Giuliani and the entire cast of the show (Lena, Dr. Sal, Irene and Primo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) will be there. There will be two bands, raffles, celebrities, forgetaboutit … a beautiful thing!

Hey, I’m going … the Principessa Ann Marie will be there (dancing fools that we are) … and the last time I saw James, I was 355 … I could weigh in around 310 (give or take a few tons) … guess the weight and win a book (or a cookie). Not to worry, I’ll bring plenty of cookies.


It’s a nice thought, but let’s face it, it’s just a song (with great lyrics) … although I’ll never get busting up your equipment … that’s just dumb.