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Friday, March 21, 2014

Gone Fishing ...


The President, Chief Operating Office, Janitor in Chief, and Janitor in General at Temporary Knucksline need a break for a week or so ... mostly because we're flying on a novel we can't stop writing--although both the President and CO haven't been putting up their fair share (the titles went to their heads) ... we'll be back next week, or the week after, or possibly sooner if the right "stuff" comes up ... in the meantime, we're reading Something Happened, by Joseph Heller (close to the end, but we didn't want to review it before we finished) ... this gem was recommended by the King Of Noir, Dave Zeltserman, a guy our Janitor in General does battle with on pretty much all topics a few times a month at least ... he's a good guy, a great writer, and although he's been suckered by his town's sports teams into believing they're any good (he doesn't know their successes are staged and/or paid for by the big money in Boston), he does come up with some good topics for us to yell at each other with in emails ... Something Happened is a book he recommended and I have to admit, it's a terrific one thus far (a bit long, but terrific nonetheless) ... so, without further ado ... check out the Z-man's amazon page and check out the diversity in this guy's craft:

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Enjoy, MF'ers ... this one'll jog your memory and rock your soul ...