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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shooter’s Nail … The Wolf of Wall Street … Olympic hockey … the Snowdown …


When cugino/actor/ David Calderazzo requests a shout out for someone, we deliver … especially when the shout out features Eric Roberts in a new film by Lisa Regina … listen to me, The Pope of Greenwich Village remains in my TOP TEN ALL TIME movies list … the classic lines from Roberts continue to put a smile on my fat face today. In fact, it was on television again last night and my fat face was quoting lines along with Rourke and Roberts … it’s a beautiful thing.

“It was like shopliftin’ buying this horse. Have you ever heard of artificial inspiration? … I mean how many times you yourself pull a muscle or something screwing, right? … and these great big stallions, man, they get horny they can easily kick the mother horse in the head. Ba-boom, you’re out a million dollars … The groom jerked off the father … she got the champion gene, Charlie … It’s the fuckin’ gene that does the runnin, the horse got absolutely nothin’ to do with it.”

And who could forget this scene … “It ain’t slow.”

And then there was this (probably the most quoted scene): "Charlie, they took my thumb! What the hell happened here, man? … That twat robbed you? … Charlie! They took my thumb!”

Eye-talians especially appreciate this particular line: … “It’s canned, man.”

I could recite the entire movie here … it’s a classic. Rourke and Roberts made this picture one for the ages. Just wonderful.


The Wolf of Wall Street … unlike some of the others we’d heard so much positive hype about, this one was getting not so great press … Goodfellas on Wall Street, etc. … maybe, but the Principessa Ann Marie and myself really enjoyed this one … except for one scene we took very differently … since she’s an RN working with drug and alcohol rehab patients, the principessa does not like drug joking of any kind, so she found the Quaalude scene offensive … me, I thought it was hilarious … the star of this movie, we both agreed, was Margot Robbie (playing DiCaprio’s 2nd wife) … she had Bay Ridge, Brooklyn down so well, it was impossible to think for a second she wasn’t from Bay Ridge. As it turns out, she’s from Australia. It was hard not to hate just about every character in the movie except DiCaprio’s first wife … and seeing how DiCaprio’s character wound up doing just 3 years working on his tan and practicing his backhand in a federal prison was pretty sickening, but, hey, it’s justice in America for the 1% (which explains all the patriotism throughout the flick). It was a bit long, but I didn’t notice the length until about 15 minutes from the end. Recommended.

Olympic Hockey has been exciting (and it cost me my boycott) … the USA was outplayed by the Russian team, I thought … but won in the shootout (the one thing about hockey I do not like are the shootouts) … T.J. OSHIE wound up the hero (he was pretty amazing in the shootout) … but Pavel Datsyuk was the guy putting on the best show … and our Ryan Callahan was out there hitting (flooring Ovechkin early in the game with one check) and stirring it up with his brand of physical hockey … The New York Rangers better pay this guy or he’ll come back to haunt them big time.

This morning, the USA, after sleepwalking through some of the 1st period, has dominated play against Slovenia … Phil Kessel already has a hat trick and Rangers’ Ryan McDonagh has the 4th goal and Rangers’ Captain Ryan Callahan has an assist on the 5th Goal (Go Rangers) … 5-1, USA win …

Snowdown … this week was the kickass week for the snow … it beat me down, I can tell yous that much. I haven’t been in the gym for 2+ weeks now because of the muscle soreness from shoveling this shit … using different muscles as the snow became heavier and heavier (with salt, water and freezing) absolutely kicked my fat ass. Not sure when I’ll return to the gym because I just don’t want to lift anything right now … maybe domani … we’ll see. I had one good scare which might’ve been a panic attack because I could catch my breath and felt like I had to strip my clothes off from fear of suffocating … it’s a horrible image (me stripping) but it’s exactly what I did once I got back inside the house last week. I felt dizzy and had pains in my chest that were probably more from being 4,000 pounds than anything to do with my heart … all I know is that it scared me and I couldn’t catch my breath.

So what happens this morning? Well, an older African-American guy (in his 50’s at least), comes knocking on my door looking for work (shoveling the snow that accumulated yesterday in front of our house) … he had a wagon with salt, a shovel and a broom … instantly hired for $25.00 (15 minutes of work, but he’s out there hustling and I love it when people hustle to earn a buck). I also offered him a cup of coffee, but he said, “No thanks.” I suspect he was thinking time is money. Good for him … and shame on all the spoiled brats who live on this block for being spoiled brats.

So, for those who continue to advise me to hire one of the kids in our neighborhood to shovel the snow, let me say it one more time: They’re ALL too busy being spoiled motherfucking brats to get off their lazy asses and consider making a few extra coins shoveling snow. They’re the privileged middle-class (or what’s left of it) who’d rather play with their joysticks (not their dicks, that would require imagination) than actually leave their basements where their video games can provide them with the imagination they’re too lazy to come up with on their own).


For all the spoiled brats out there …