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Friday, October 11, 2013

Politics Anyone? … Fun Shot of the Week … Movie Review ... The Diamond Collar … Kyle Carey … This week in the NFL …


Politics anyone? Well, no, actually, not anymore … not here … why? Because, well, seriously, what’s the point? I’m tired of playing the two-party game (and I don't even play it!), the yelling back and forth, and ultimately playing into their hands. Our political sideshow has become boring. It’s been obvious enough for long enough: if we want real change, both parties have to go. At the least, a viable third party must emerge, or we’re all just playing with ourselves ... and most of us know that neither party is going anywhere, nor will a viable third party emerge, not so long as loyal democrats and republicans stick to their brand as if it makes a difference. And it doesn’t. Continental shifts occur with more frequency. Right now the gap between the über wealthy (the 1%) and the rest of the country (the most important issue these morons should be focused on) has become an abyss, and both parties are responsible. The gap is what keeps most of us hell bent on survival and too tired to institute real change.

So, half of me is too busy doing what I enjoy to give a crap anymore about what happens in Washington, D.C., and the other half (each half weighing about 170 pounds, by the way) winds up too frustrated to restrain what my wife calls my “sociopathic tendencies.”

Life is too short to get as upset as I often do at the morons running this country (both sides of the aisle should feel free to take a fucking bow). At this point, I’m opting to pay attention to the things I enjoy. Everyone else is welcome to have at it, but not here, not at TK, not anymore. The political bullshit that has constipated a so-called democracy has finally worn us out. We’ll take potshots from time to time (because sometimes those sociopathic tendencies win out), but we’ll do our best to duck the political bullshit whenever we can.


Frankly, we’d rather watch a dog duke on a lawn …

or listen to well-brewed/placed/timed farts (fots, for yous nons) … at least the farts/fots are entertaining …

Come on, yous know yous wanna laugh!

While we’re not exactly sure when the latest round of government roulette is supposed to end, we are sure of this much—it’s all a sideshow while the 1% lines its pockets. So, while 300,000,000+ people wait to see what happens with our so-called democracy (the one that is being held hostage by 30 or so numbnuts), this poor limousine driver continues to wait for ... (compliments of Craig Murray on FB) ...

Oy vey, vey is mir ... (compliments of the latest Malamud novel I'm currently reading, The Fixer) ...

The War of the Buttons ... fun, fun, fun movie ... and apparently a third remake (1962 also set in France, minus the Nazi occupation, and a 1994 Irish adaptation). It’s a fun well done flick with some poignant moments and a few wonderful surprises. It’s Nazi occupied France ... and kids from two towns (one town having more Nazi collaborators than the other) fight it out while a pretty girl and her prettier sponsor move into one of the towns … the girl has a secret … but so do so many others in this beautiful movie ... always in the background is the war and all its ugly accoutrements ... this one is about fear and how it’s conquered. A wonderful movie. Check out another, more in-depth, review right here.

The Diamond Collar … hey, check this joint out … yous can get your dog groomed or just stop in for pet food and/or your pet’s Halloween costume … and get the bonus of being entertained by the number one dog rescuer in town—James Head Guiliani.
Listen to me: when he isn’t downing one of a dozen espressos, this guy will make you smile. That's James above with Primo, the cutest Sicilian Mastiff you'll ever find. We love Primo!

Kyle Carey’s kickstarter campaign … From Kickstarter: My name is Kyle Carey--I'm a songwriter and singer based in New England. My debut album 'Monongah' was recorded in Dingle, Ireland two and a half years ago and produced by Donogh Hennessy--one of the founding members of the renowned Irish group Lúnasa. In the summer of 2011, 'Monongah' rose to #8 on the international Folk DJ Charts, attracting a hefty dose of critical acclaim, and landing on a good few national and international 'Best of' lists by the year's end.

Part of the reason why 'Monongah' was so warmly received, I think, is because the virtue of the album eclipsed its budget. Many involved in the creation and promotion of my debut went above and beyond the call of duty in support of a project they believed in. It was a wonderful gift in which to help me begin!

I began booking tours just as soon as 'Monongah' was released, and since then, I've toured the west and east coasts of the United States, different parts of Canada, Europe and the UK.

I've made lifelong friends through my travels and the sharing of my music, collaborated with different artists I admire, and grown exponentially as a performer and singer. One thing I've learned in each and every place I've played is that music brings joy into people's lives.

It has been an incredibly rewarding two and a half years!

But now ... it's time for a follow up.



This week in the NFL … last week we stayed ahead of the Mendoza line (8-6) … and our lock of the week (Rams vs. Jags) was spot on (with the points!) … so now we begin week six of the NFL season … my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills are officially crapola once again (it’s a broken record, amici), especially since we lost our standout rookie QB, EJ Manuel … so we can start thinking about draft picks and forget this season (and look forward to another stinko one next season, because Manuel’s injury will serve as yet another “excuse” for our latest lame brain coach) ... yep, another bust in Buffalo (sound familiar?). On the other hand, the surprise team this season has been the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets … I have to admit that I agreed with all the so-called “experts” and figured the Yets to be equally as bad as my Bills, but I was wrong (and so were they, duh). Coach Rex Ryan has done an incredible job with his young defense, and the kid, Gino Smith, when he keeps from panicking, looks like a long term winner (and may actually be a better QB than our guy up in Buffalo). We shall see … in the meantime our support has to turn towards the YETS in the AFC this season because a) we hate the Cheatriots and b) because they’re the closest team by proximity to beautiful downtown Fords, New Jersey. Over in the NFC, we’re rooting for the Frisco version of Harbaugh to wind up back at the dance, except this time against Andrew Luck and the Colts. No, amici, we don’t buy the Broncette express doing anything more than the 18-1 Cheatriots, except we doubt they’ll even make it to the dance.

In the meantime, week 6 it is …

Moonachie Blue over Cutler’s Cubbies, 24-19 (Ouch again!) ... WTF Moonachie Blue? Not to mention my NY Rangers have given up 15 goals in 2 games and were shut out last night!

*Bengals blowout my Bills, 30-13* THE LOCK OF THE WEEK

Lionettes over the Brownies, 24-20

Rams keep the Texas two-steppers in the hole, 24-21

Yets crush the Steelerettes, 20-10

Broncettes take advantage of the Jags, 44-13

The Aints bury the Cheatriots, 34-17

The Washingtonians over the Cowgirls, 24-20

The Pack isn’t back, but they’re good enough to beat the Wes Cravens, 24-17

Panthers over the Vikes, 20-17

Chefs over the Raiderettes, 23-20

The Dog Killer Eaglettes over the Buckless, 24-13

The Sea Pigeons over the Titans, 23-16

The 40-whiners in an easy one, 30-13

And Monday night it’ll be my AFC Champion pick, the Colts, over the Chargerless, 28-17


Oy vey, the Bills! The Rangers! Us fans feel like clowns! (Pagliacci)

Us Bills/Rangers fans ... we expect “sweet kisses” and get shot in our big belly! And then we die hopeless?  Oy friggin’ vey ... (Tosca)