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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Graduation Weekend … Momma Stella and My Speech … MFA Graduate, Rob Greene … Happy Fathers Day …



Well, it’s just about over … two fun years of reading and writing and some very wonderful times. Tomorrow morning the Principessa Ann Marie and I head up to New Hampshire for the graduation ceremony … and my daughter and son-in-law will be there Saturday night for the festivities, and to record some of the evening (for your entertainment in about a week or so).

It’s a scary thought, but I’ll be giving the student graduation speech … I’ll have props (like movie props—a lesson I learned from Marketing Research whiz, Steve Roth) … I’ll not talk about the 25 pounds I’ve gained since the program started (4 of which I’ve lost back this past week) … or the fact that the Boston Brunettes won the Stanley Cup during my first summer residency and are poised to win it again (starting tonight) … I will not discuss the see-through coffee on Shutter—I mean Star Island … I will not mention falling off the ten step cussing wagon due to the long drives to and from New Hampshire alongside the Divine Miss Potty Mouth Mae Caldwell (you cannot believe the mouth on that woman …), nor will I discuss trying to follow Steph Mario Andretti Milligan up Mountain Roads at 95 MPH … and I will never bring up the hustle my third semester mentor, Rick Adams, handed me on the basketball court on Botany Bay—I mean Star Island. I’m sure Rick is taking good care of our Volvo …

It’ll all be program-related with some nicknaming (no more clues) … and of course, Momma Stella has some advice for me …

MS: Watch your mouth, you.
Me: Ma, I already told Diane, I’ll be cool.
MS: Who’s Diane?
Me: The program director. She warned me too.
MS: Oh, she must’ve read something you wrote.
Me: Ma, she was my final semester mentor.
MS: The hell is that?
Me: She was my teacher.
MS: And she didn’t smack you?
Me: Of course not. You gonna miss me while I’m away?
MS: How long you going for?
Me: Three days of fun and music and nothing but fun and music.
MS: The hell are you talkin’ about, you stupid ass?
Me: Three days. I’ll be gone for three days. You gonna be alright?
MS: I’m 84 years old, you moron. I think I’ll survive.
Me: I’m gonna mention you in the speech.
MS: I’ll say a prayer.

I love my Mommy!

Speaking of Momma Stella … it may’ve taken me some extra time to join the graduate crowd, but the real Don of the Stella familgia did alright (with absolutely ZERO help from her ex-husband) … my sister earned her Masters in English a long time ago … getting my MFA will seal the deal … both her kids finished what they started … and we both owed (and owe) just about everything to her.
So here she is with her great granddaughter, my granddaughter, Evelyn Amelia Stella ...


Here’s to my Mommy!


Charles Thomas (the Dad) and Evelyn Amelia Stella

And for all a’yous Fathers out there, especially my oldest boy (who also has his masters, an MBA he earned while working full-time), HAPPY FATHERS DAY …


Next weekend, we’ll be playing some blues at Casa Stella … here’s some of the selections for our first get together …

Sweet Home Chicago …

Hoochie-Coochie Man …

Roadhouse Blues …