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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mafiya goes Kindle … The Draft … The Rangers … Atlantic City …

The Picture was handled by Anthony Caliendo. The book cover design is another beauty from David Terrenoire (contact him by clicking on this link). Great job by both Anthony and David …
“Stella has crafted a true page-turner … Agnes is a flawed heroine, a refreshing change from too many lesser novels, and Stella remains a master of creating complex and believable characters. Stella has quickly become one of crime fiction's leading lights, and this latest effort will burnish that well-deserved reputation. A great book.” — Library Journal *Starred* Review
“Stella has been a “rising star” for some time now, and if his sixth thriller doesn’t place him in the firmament, it does confirm his rock-solid ability to deliver the goods...this revenge-driven tale will satisfy fans of strong women and contemporary crime—as you’ll guess from the title, the bad guys aren’t your father’s Mafia.” — Booklist
Captain Cally, burying the winner in OT!
The Rangers … they gave me a heart condition Thursday night when they blew a 2-0 lead and were down 3-2 with just under four minutes to play, but they came through with a goal to tie, and then Captain Callahan put home the winner in OT … so now we’re in the playoff tournament ... and who do we get in the first round? Let’s hope it’s not the Penguins … but if it is, I think it highly reprehensible that the Penguins allow that fellow with the broken jaw (the best player in the league—Sidney Crosby) to play while he’s still healing ... wait, take your time ... about 3 months or so … I mean, talk about capitalist exploitation …

How 'bout those Buffalo Bills!
The Draft … okay, so let’s all calm down. Of course the Bills will win the super bowl this year because of their first pick, E.J. Emanuel, QB … but the reason I only get excited for a few minutes is because there’s NOTHING to get excited about. NOBODY knows how these kids will do until they’re playing football in the NFL, and probably over a 2-3 year period. Yes, there are superstar phenomenal athletes like RG III and Andrew Luck … and there are also busts like Brian Bosworth (the Boz) and click on the link for this list of collegiate all-stars/NFL losers.
Just remember, arguably the best ever, Tom Brady, was picked in the 6th round ... Joe Montana went in the third round (and sat on the bench his first season) ... Aaron Rodgers had to wait until pick # 24 in the first round ... you see what I’m saying? Relax already.
But don’t feel too bad when our team (my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills, whips up on your team—the 31 other teams) because of E.J. … let’s just hope our GM, Buddy Nix, wasn’t spinning his magical ability to fuckup a cup of coffee … oy vey.
Atlantic City … the movie was great (in my top 15). “You should’ve seen the Atlantic Ocean in those days.” … but that’s what you should visit, the movie, not the actual city. This week we spent a night at one of the hotels off the boardwalk (not a smart move) …
The Borgota … I used to be a degenerate craps player (certifiable really) … between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and a few after hour joints in Manhattan … but I came to my senses after taking bets for a few years … and like many former addicts, my former obsession became something I no longer understood others engaging in (i.e., the crusader syndrome, minus the preaching) … in any event, I don’t often go to Atlantic City … just two times over the last 10 years, and I NEVER gamble anymore (haven’t even played any of the 3 big horse races in a few years) … but the Principessa Ann Marie wanted a night out and away from Casa Stella, and since she found one of those fugazy cheap deals in the mail … it was off we went to the place most hyped in our small circle of AC devotees … The Borgota … my review won’t make them happy.
The room … In a word, “Meh” … if you’re not getting one of the cheap deals like my wife found in the mail (A Monday-Thursday $139.00 plus $100.00 back in food, etc.) ... forgetaboutit … after walking the dark hallways (it reminded me of a mausoleum), the room wasn’t much better. The TV remote, for one thing, took two service attempts to fix. The toilet was sealed off from the bathroom proper, with no air at all (so it felt like a sauna) … and although there was a nice size shower, there wasn’t a tub … I can’t imagine paying more than the cheap deal for a room in the Borgata … in total a “C-” (at best). There is a newer version of the same hotel, adjacent to it (The Water Club) but since there’s no boardwalk there either … I can’t imagine it being any better, no matter if the remotes work and/or the hallways aren’t lit like a cave.
The restaurants … what casino isn’t going to have good restaurants? We ate at Wolfgang Pucks, where a glass of water was $12.00 (I’m almost not kidding), so the $100 food rebate turns the $200 meal into a $100 meal … that’s the upside … the downside is I wouldn’t have eaten there in the first place … not with a gun to my head.
The casino … same as all of them … although there did seem to be lots of $.01 machines for those so broke they’re down to their literal last pennies … oy vey … but (and yet), the Principessa Ann Marie, “playing one for her sisters” dropped some coin in a $5.00 slot machine (the horror) … I (nor she) didn’t realize a) it was five fazools a spin … NOR did I (nor she) realize that when she tapped the little “Play Max” button, she was dropping $25.00 in about 2.1 seconds. Her husband was watching. He said, “Oh, Rockefeller, what the fuck?”
The Principessa insists had she won, I wouldn’t be breaking her shoes … which I did for the entire drive home, having fun quoting a few of my favorite lines (both sides of the conversations) from The Pope of Greenwich Village … to wit:
After passing through an EZ Pass lane:
“Hey, how come you didn’t tip?”
“Fuck that. What am I Santa Clause?”
“Big shot, Paulie … Big shot ...”
“You jinxed it Chaloots.”
Speaking of The Pope of Greenwich Village … you gotta love Paulie’s logic … I followed it like a champ back in the day
Where was I wrong?... If I figured I’d get caught, I’d be a thousand percent wrong …” We saw a comedy show that was another “Meh”; sometimes funny, sometimes not funny. There’s no point in grading anything else. We won’t be going back (probably to A.C. for a long time to come anyway), but if we do, it won’t be to the Borgata … you’re gonna go to Atlantic City, stay on the boardwalk so you can at least go for a walk and stare at the Atlantic Ocean.
In a time when workers have been screwed by their elected representatives (President Obama, et al), union leaders (Richard Trumka), and pretty much the public at large (which couldn’t be more ironic since most of us, duh, are workers) … here’s one from Il Trovatore … the anvil chorus … Let’s go to work now … with anvils … and hammers …