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Friday, March 15, 2013

Beth Garland ...... DRL story ... Darren Cormier and David Scott ... Before Your Eyes (film) ... Momma Stella and the Pope ... Window Washers of the World Unite!

Another of the SNHU MFA graduates has found literary representation. On her webpage, Beth states: The majority of the postings in my blog are from a memoir I wrote about my all-expenses-paid vacation to Iraq, courtesy of the United States Army. It’s both a drama and a comedy, and was tentatively titled, To Beth and Back: A Mother Goes to War (formerly Baghdad Beth).
Her book started as a personal essay about a day in her life, written during her Iraq tour in 2004, and was published as a featured selection the following year in the collection, This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America. (Editors Joni B. Cole, Rebecca Joffrey and B.K. Rakhra. Three Rivers Press).
Beth is a retired Master Sergeant, wife, mother, information technology analyst, and writer. She lives in Sierra Vista, AZ. Her memoir, Welcome to the War, Baghdad Beth, is being shopped to publishers by Claire Gerus of the Claire Gerus Literary Agency. Beth graduated from SNHU with an MFA in Nonfiction in the Summer of 2012.
Did I mention that Beth is a true sweetheart? Well, she is … very much so.
And speaking of those SNHU graduates … our very own mountain walker, Darren Rome Leo (DRL to yous nons) … tells a terrifying story (with his brand of humor) about his attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail … check it out right here (mouse click, amici, mouse click!)
And two more of SNHU’s graduates making moves OUTSIDE THE BUBBLE  …  Darren Cormier, who I still owe several pints of beer, continues to flourish. Check out his published works here:  ... and you can visit his blog here:  … where last week, he featured another of the SNHU MFA graduates, Sherry (the Peach) Meeks … and today we learned he’s got another flash fiction story formerly titled "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Always Crush Me" has been accepted for publication in NAP Magazine. Link, and new title, to follow when available.
And David Scott, whom I’ve never met but hope to someday, has surged through the Amazon novel contest … just 500 out of the original 10,000 entrants are left and David’s manuscript is one of them. Pretty cool, amici, pretty damn cool.
And now, for the movies …
Before Your Eyes … Two young Kurdish children are forced to live on the street after their parents have been murdered by a member of a secret state security force. It’s a tough movie, but as interesting as it is painful. Definitely worth the time. As heartbreaking as it gets.
Momma Stella and the new Pope … (this is for those who don’t use Facebook, where all Momma Stella stories usually appear) …
Me: Ma, did you see? There’s a new Pope.
MS: No, Sonny, I was sleeping. Are you serious?
Me: I swear, Ma. You’ll never guess the name he took.
MS: What’s his name?
Me: I don’t know. I’m talking abo...ut the name he took. Like John-Paul, Benedict, like that.
MS: His name is Jean-Paul?
Me: No, Ma. The new Pope took a different name. I don’t know his real name.
MS: What’s his name, you stupid bastid?
Me: You’re never gonan believe it, but he took the name Charlie.
MS: He what?
Me: Pope Charlie.
MS: You’re a real moron, you know that?
Me: Ma, I swear it. The new Pope is named Charlie. He took my name.
MS: Don’t fuck around. Are you serious —
Me: (I can no longer hold it and start laughing)
MS: You stupid moron. Don’t come tonight. Stay home. I don’t want you to visit me tonight.
Me: You don’t want your coffee?
MS: Just bring that and then go home. Enough now with your shit.
Me: I’ll bless you when I see you.
MS: Go shit in your hat.
I love my Mommy!
And Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Back in the Day … when I could see my feet without mirrors … when I was NOT a burden to my scaffold co-worker because of my weight (50 floor above the Streets of Manhattan) … I cleaned windows for a living. I’ve posted here before about the legend my first wife’s uncle (Lou) was in the industry and to so many personally … well now, here’s the proof. Uncle Lou is mentioned here (in the New Yorker of all places) by his son, Andy … it’s a great article and interview and it was sent to me by my original writing mentor, Dave Gresham. He sent me the cutout pages of the article from the New Yorker. Grazie, once again, Dave!
Angela Gheorghiu singing the Habanera, from Carmen … Sing it, Angie!
For my half-Irish Wife … (who calls me a knuckle-dragging Dago) …
And to be fair, for her other half … (who figures she’s “half Irish, so I make considerations”—see The Pope of Greenwich Village for that reference) …