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Friday, November 30, 2012

Brooklyn Nets ... Alex Smith v. Colin who? ... Beware of Mr. Baker ... Alanis Morissette ... Moonachie Green fans … Blackout in Buffalo ... Sarge’s Rocks!

My sons declared us Brooklyn Nets fans, abandoning our love of the Knicks for our new home team. This wasn’t an easy decision, amici. Sports loom large at casa Stella. Come to think of it, so does Stella loom large at casa Stella (although I’m sticking to the weight watcher point system for at least another few hours this weekend). To Nets or not to Nets, that was the question ... and even though I was born in Manhattan (I’m a shattered, shadoobie), the boys and the girl were all three born in God’s country (Brooklyn, U.S.A.). So, since they had NO SAY as to which football team they would consider the “home team” (my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills were DNA’ed, so to speak, to the Stella brats), I felt it only fair to yield to the youth of the program. So, Let’s Go Nets … even when they play the Knicks …
Brooklyn rocks!
Alex Smith vs. the kid, Colin Kaepernick ... wow, talk about a tough one ... for me, though, this is a no brainer. Taking the ball from Alex Smith is a guaranty for disaster, so if the 49’ers fulfill my pre-season prediction and win the Super Bowl, I’m proved wrong. If they don’t, we’ll never know, will we? You don’t lose a job because you get injured. The K-kid has proved he can play, but so did Alex smith prove he can play. Does anyone forget the way he threaded those TD’s at the end of the Saints playoff last year? What we don’t know is if he can play in the bigger games (i.e., the ones that will count come playoff time). I think Harbaugh has created a mess in his locker room. Smith is rightfully upset. Kaepernick will have his downs, too ... and Smith won’t appreciate having to come in off the bench. Playing QB is much different than Defensive Tackle. Reps count. Game time reps count more. Time will tell, but I suspect the 49’ers just shot themselves in the foot.
That said, how about an even up with Buffalo, Fitz for Smith?
BEWARE of Mr. Baker!
I can’t wait to see this film, amici. Ginger Baker was the jazz turned rock drummer (for Cream) of my youth. Nobody in the rock world was better (mostly because he was actually a jazz drummer and he knew what rudiments were). He can still play better than most in the rock world and his story looks pretty compelling, even if you don’t fall in love with the cantankerous Wildman from Lewisham, South London. His jazz roots go way back and it’s one reason no rock drummer came close ... ever.
A mini Baker Bio ...
You live, you learn ...
Alanis Morissette … on a much lighter note, the wife/boss/Principessa Ann Marie made fun of my latest interest in all things Alanis. First of all (and she knows this), Alanis played God in one of my favorite movies (Dogma), and will likely make an appearance in the fictional memoir I’m writing for my thesis. How do I not have me and Alanis face-to-face in deep conversation about all things heavy? Secondly, I love her voice, spirit and angst-ridden lyrics. Not to mention she did a stint on my favorite HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.
And that fat guy with the cigar in the video isn’t me ...
Moonachie Green fans unloaded on the Turkey Day performance of their Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets. One has to feel sympathy for the players having that noise rained down on them. Hell, even I do. I suggest that the Mean Green fans do what all Bills fans do and restrict their angst to Facebook venting on their team’s page … my sons and I are forced to do it each week with each other (very censored for us) … and then I tend to go to the Buffalo Bills Facebook page and join in the chorus of boos there. There are three distinct points to being disappointed year after year by one’s football team. First comes the anger (Not again!). Second, the shock (Yes, again!) ... and third comes the jokes (they’re like the keystone cops out there, etc.). Think about it, even Fireman Ed gave up on his fellow Jets fans because of all the nasty discourse he was catching for wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. If they hadn’t abandoned New York for Moonachie, I might feel more sympathy for them ... but that move (just like Tebow) was Woody’s choice, so screw’em ... just do it on some team facebook page, amici ... the players have enough problems playing for Woody and Rex.
Speaking of sad (and bad football teams), my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills are blacking out their game this week against the only team they may possibly beat for the rest of the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Seriously, are they kidding in Buffalo? Good old Mr. Wilson is lucky his workers show up, never mind the fans. A team that is LOADED with talent is once again the victim of impossibly lousy management and coaching … especially coaching. So we say to management in Buffalo (Grabbing our crotch): “Over here with your blackout.”
Sarge’s Subs ... in beautiful downtown Fords, New Jersey is the BESTEST ever hero joint, Sarge’s. I order every Sunday during the 1st quarter of the Bills’ weekly loss to whomever we’re playing, but for at least a few minutes I’m one happy fat man.
Yes, I’ve lost my mind ...
I just tried one of those Ice spin moves and broke the couch ...