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Saturday, June 23, 2012

SNHU MFA Summery Residency ... Graduate: Jason Korolenko ... the line spacing felon ...


Although my sentence on Shutter Isle was cut short due to a Momma Stella emergency, it was more than terrific being around the writing community that is SNHU’s MFA program.  New additions to the community (17 new kids on the block--all of them writers with a purpose) plus the new additions to our great staff are all wonderful) makes us rock.

Potty Mouth Mae earned a few more nicknames ... she’s now Mae, La Tourista, No way, Potty Mouth, She’s Got Game, Caldwell ...

The black market was deemed null and void after the Pelicans working the island learned where the caffeine was hidden (the coffee was close enough for jazz to fine) ...

I learned my 3rd semester mentor, Richard Carey,has game (he whipped my fat ass shooting hoops) ...

As will be the agenda here after every program residency,Temporary Knucksline will dedicate several new posts to the talents of those who’ve graduated and are on their way.

Our lead-off hitter is the one and only Jason Korolenko.  Aside from being a very gifted and published author, Jason is also a martial arts expert and master of the comeback (see Darren Leo). 

Jason's book, The Day I Left, is Shutter Island meets Stephen King, but set in the south of France. It is the story of Jarrod Nelson, a twenty-something American studying abroad, who falls in love with his professor's sister. But their love is complicated, made only more so when the professor dies while under Jarrod's care. Bestselling author (and Jason's final mentor in the MFA program) Craig Childs had this to say: "The Day I Left is a ghost story, a murder mystery, and a descent into madness...there were times when I had to put it down because I felt like I had fallen prey to what he was creating. I felt like I was starting to lose touch."

Jason is currently working on a new novel, The Devil In Stained Glass, revising a pre-MFA novel tentatively titled Night Terrors, and writing the biography of Brazilian/American heavy metal legends Sepultura.

While on Shutter this year I also learned there is a price to pay for felony line-spacing ... I was given a Southern New Hampshire University MFA DOC (Department of Corrections) jumper to wear on the ferry to Shutter ...

Line Spacing Felons of the world unite ... we have nothing to lose but our chains!

— Knucks

Early this morning on the isle of shutter off the coast of New Hampshire, after braving 100 degree temperatures (without air conditioning, showers and/or sprinklers), the crowd was thinking the following: