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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Doc is back!


Before getting into the return of le doc ... we at TK feel a need to address the Devils victory over the Rangers last night in Newark. TK has little to say except the following: Fuck hockey and Go Bills!

Now, the Doc is back!

For those unfamiliar with us here at TK (Temporary Knucksline), we’re a non-profit (boy are we non-profit) equal opportunity annoyance, but we do our best to amuse and promote as many of the arts and artists as we can. Included in our policy of equal opportunity annoyance is giving voice to a terrific writer and all around ball-breaker, Jim (Doc) Nyland. Somewhere right of Ghengis Khan, he’s been on a drinking sabbatical of late (yeah, no shit?) ... but today he’s back (to haunt me and Obama ... and I don’t even like Obama) ... here now, the Doc (his email to me last night):

So what’s happening, bro? I missed you.

It’s always nice to take care of the pleasantries up front.

I go away for a weekend of soul searching and perhaps some light cocktailing and return five months later to find this!

TK is covering literature and HOCKEY. Pray tell, what market are you shooting for… Toronto librarians? Granted they are a polite bunch and generally disease free, but unless you can somehow weave Wayne Gretsky into the narrative of the five New York crime families your book sales are going nowhere with this.

It’s only May, but the Bamster is in full campaign mode. He’s out there selling his wares like a Dublin hooker on the week before Lent and TK is covering hockey games!!!

I also noticed that you are getting prepared for your Summer solstice with a bevy of college co-eds on the deserted island of NoTellMotel, Maine. One of these days you have to explain how you get this to fly with the Principessa. I once suggested it as a way to improve my literary skills to my betrothed, the Ayatollah, and within seconds I was ducking sharpened steel faster than a shrimp at a sushi shack.

I have more on my tiny brain, but I thought I would keep it short after my recent sabbatical. Besides you have no idea the racket keyboard keys make when dealing with a five month hangover.

And how about a tune that was not written before they invented soap.

Take care, brother