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Friday, February 17, 2012

Tim Bemis (SNHU MFA Graduate) ... Linsanity ... the trees are the right height ... let’s make babies ... spin Masters ... my kind of Goosebumps ...


Tim Bemis is a recent graduate of the SNHU MFA program. A hell of a talented writer with as diverse a background in all things cool as it gets. Tim has been published in literary reviews and is part of several different projects, including running a music blog (with a couple of his friends) that focuses on mostly underground bands around the world.

Tim’s excellent work has been published in the following:

Lost On Route 66: Tales From The Mother Road

Tacenda Literary Magazine

Henniker Review

A couple of his music projects are right here:

At the graduation ceremony, Richard Adams Carey gave Tim’s commencement speech. Here it is:

In Midnight Train, fifteen-year-old Clark Lapine moves with his family to a small town in Connecticut where an alleged miracle has recently occurred, and where the local priest has fashioned something like a religious theocracy. Clark’s mother yearns to be accepted here, his father not at all. Clark falls in with some kids from the wrong side of the tracks, boys whose preference for secularism and personal liberty blurs into episodes of cruelty and criminal behavior. Clark finds himself in a spider’s web of tangled loyalties, a series of dilemmas that come to a life-altering head one night as an outbound freight approaches.

Tim Bemis’s narrative of those dilemmas builds into a stirring tour de force of suspense writing. Tim began this journey with just a blank page, but also plenty of discipline, energy, and a real writer’s commitment to get better, to write truer, deeper, and more piercingly. Those are the qualities that have combined to make Midnight Train well worth the trip.

Congrats to Tim!

And that Carey fella, well, I recently purchased a book of his, Raven’s Children, (and I can’t wait to read it), based on a reading he did from his work in progress (Colebrook Murders) this past semester (truly gripping and heartfelt), a horrific story about the incredible damage one madman inflicted on entire communities after he killed four people (two state troopers, an attorney/part-time judge and a newspaper editor) and fled in one of the bullet riddled police cruisers. Amici, the story doesn’t end there (nor does the violence) and it is an intriguing read I don’t want to ruin with newspaper article links (so you's'll have to do that on your own). I’ll wait for Rick’s book and take it from there. What Rick read at our winter residence was absolutely wonderful, tragic and intriguing.


I’ll say this, I haven’t watched this many NBA games since the Knicks played the Michael Jordan Bulls back in the day. Now I look for them almost every night. I’ve watched the last 3 games and they were friggin’ GREAT. How can you not root for this kid? Humble, smart, an apparently decent human being ... and he hustles ALL THE TIME.

Madison Square Garden’s friggin’ stock even rose with this kid’s play. Maybe HE should be PRESIDENT! You go Lin!

I only wish they made #17 Knicks jerseys in my tent size ...

Okay, speaking of Presidents ... it’s on to the state of our 2012 Presidential Fiasco Election ... where in any given state, the trees may be just the right height ...

Can this guy be anymore disingenuous? Probably, but we’ll have to wait for his next attempt to be human along the ever entertaining (and depressing) campaign trail.

And let’s not forget Mr. Santorum ... a guy who hates big government so much, he’d like to legislate our bedrooms ... anti-gay marriage, anti-conception, pretty much anti-21st century, Santorum is appealing to die-hard conservatives for that big chance to fall on his sword (martyr that he appears to be) ... although I do wonder how he feels about the pedophile Cardinal (Law from Boston) still being sheltered in the Vatican to escape justice. Can somebody ask him already?

He’s not a believer in birth control ... let’s everybody make great big families we can’t afford instead! Whoopee!

And the alternative to the above sideshow?

MSNBC Spin Masters … if you listen to the carnival barkers over at MSNBC, you’d think the country was SAVED and RESAVED; that THE ONE is, in fact, THE ONE (messiah, grand high exalted mystic ruler, big kahuna … you name it). Nobody there seems much interested in asking about how the American worker will ever replace the lost benefits/cost of living raises, etc. over the next several years (considering they’ve been getting steadily hammered into oblivion (and poverty) while he held hands with Wall Street (somebody say Goldman Sachs?). Nope, if you watch MSNBC, they’re crowning President Fredo an FDR II.


From the above link: The largest banks are larger than they were when Obama took office and are nearing the level of profits they were making before the depths of the financial crisis in 2008, according to government data.

Wall Street firms — independent companies and the securities-trading arms of banks — are doing even better. They earned more in the first 21 / 2 years of the Obama administration than they did during the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, industry data show.

One thing for certain about Obama is this: Nobody can call him spineless anymore. Here’s a man who out and out turned his back on the Wisconsin Public Workers Union, then found the balls to request union support while campaigning with Master Lock. Now, I’m happy to see Master Lock is returning jobs to America and I sure hope and hell it isn’t because of some extra special (Solyndra-like) deal made with the white house, but the bottom line is this president made a very passionate speech in 2007 regarding workers rights to collectively bargain, then did an invisible man routine when Wisconsin public workers were being stripped of those very same rights (which is one reason why TK classifies Obama’s overall effect on labor in the U.S. as a 50-100 year setback). So, there you go … two sides of the same coin; Republicans who tell you shut up and be happy IF you have a job and Democrats who turn their back on you as soon as they have to put up or shut up ... and we all know what Obama did, right? Well, just in case yous don’t remember (you union folk):

Shoes for Obama


For Mr. Santorum, since he too is a bit of a religious zealot, it seems to us. So was Scarpia ... and here's one of the best Te Deum’s of all (I get goose bumps every single time I watch this) ... Bryn Terfel ... with the most erotic lyric in all of opera (sung in a church): Tosca, you make me forget God ...

Just remember, Rick, Tosca eventually guts him like a fish. I’m just sayin’ ...