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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Godmother(s) … The Scottish Government … The Band … Flannery O’Connor … An Interview … Nurse Jackie … Mad Men …


The Godmother(s) … Holy Mother’s Day, Batman! From an AP article: They go by such nicknames as “Fat Cat” and “Tomboy.” Their simmering power struggles once drove them into the streets, guns blazing. They rule their crime families with steely determination, and also raise the kids and stir the pasta.

Move over, Don Corleone. Godmothers are rising in the ranks of the Camorra, the Naples' area crime syndicate.

Seeing how Momma Stella is from just outside of old Napoli and often uses the phrase: "I'll kill you" ... the ugly one will tread somewhat more lightly around the Stella family Matriarch ... or is it, the Godmother?

A few people sent me this article … which suggests maybe the time has come to write a Godmother novel … hey, why not? It’s not like I have anything better to do, although the Luca Brasi scene might seem a little awkward:

“Donna Corleone, I am honored that you have invited me to your daughter’s wedding … on the day of your daughter’s wedding. I hope her first child will be a broad. I pledge my undying loyalty.”

Oy-vey …

The Scottish Government … it was pissing me off enough that Scotland released this piece of shit in the first place, but to see the welcome he received when he got off the plane (I’m sure he flew first class) made my stomach swirl a little like it did when Palestinians living in Jersey City partied in the street on 9-11. I understand they have beefs with America because of our mid-east policy and I’m sure much of their angst is justified … but celebrating the release of a guy responsible for killing innocent people is nothing short of a provocation. Let’s put it this way, if a 5,000 pound bomb landed a few minutes behind the released terrorist in Libya and took out all those celebrating at the airport (including Quadaffi), it just wouldn’t have bothered me as much as seeing my beloved new york state buffalo bills were down 24-0 at the half last weekend.

The government of Scotland is officially on the Knucksline shit list.

The Band … well, we don’t have a name yet, but we’ve been tossing these around: The Geriatrics … Old and Ugly … BB Gun … BB Geritol … Arthritis Times Three … Bad Back, Pete & Bad Knees … Two old thin guys and one old whale … 52, 53 & 58 …

Vey iz mir …

Flannery O’Connor … I just read my first collection of stories by Ms. O’Connor and realized I was late to the game by the end of the first one (for which the collection is titled), A Good Man Is Hard To Find. This was as dark as it gets and reminded me very much of Cormac McCarthy’s works, but unlike McCarthy, I thought O’Connor’s reach was much more broad and appealing. There wasn’t a weak story in the collection and should you enjoy irony and dark, Ms. O’Connor is your gal.

An Interview … with Loren D. Estleman in The New Black Mask No. 4 in which there are very good short stories (including one by my writing hero, George V. Higgins). Eastleman said something that I found extremely true over the years. Writers need to read … they need to read a lot. And … “Two things can make you sit down and write. One is reading a book that is really bad, thinking I could do much better; the second is reading a book that is very good.” Estleman is one prolific dude. He’s written I don’t know how many books (series and standalones), but you can get an idea at his website (the comprehensive list).

Nurse Jackiethe Principessa was full of commentary on this one as the series progressed toward the hanger-on ending, but even though we both agreed “they’d never do that” or “they can’t do that” or “there’s no way that could happen” … we were both intrigued by this wonderful new vehicle for Edie Falco. She’s one of the best around, no doubt and Nurse Jackie features her brilliance, proving there was indeed life after Tony Soprano. How HBO let her get away will remain one of life’s mysteries, it seems to me.

Mad MenI’m just into Season Two and it’s picked up where it left off. The era, the cigarettes and booze, the outfits … forgetaboutit … Knucksline highly endorses Mad Men. Interestingly enough, we don’t even notice (or miss) the missing slang.


Knucks asked the DOC why the delay in responses and the DOC said ...

It goes like this, Buckeroo

I have a pool, so I figured I would go back to work in the fall. However... I just got a flat screen TV. Now, I've put off gainful employment until the capitalistic pigs turn off my electricity.

That Lockerbie terrorist thing really has me pissed off. I refuse to use Scotch Tape anymore.

Don't worry about the knee. In a few months Obama will take care of it, providing of course that your under 40. Get some fake ID. They're not very bright. In fact, this could be a terrific business opportunity... fake ID for oldsters looking for new hips.

I may have to come out of my semi-retirement to set that up.

Hang in there, Bro