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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And the Doc says ...

Oh, Chaz,

It's suddenly very clear, and very frightening as well. It's like a Lifetime Movie, except for the very first time...the husband is not the villain.

The Principessa is feeding you mind-control drugs!!! I often wondered, why, at your age, you would decide to go into power-lifting. Then, you decide to become a blues drummer. She gets a sauna and you get a new set of drumsticks. Go wait in the car honey. Heh!

She feeds you these little yellow pills often doesn't she? Then 20 minutes later she tells you that "The Average White Band" was way better than "The Beatles"... and your off. Next she will convince you to take up pearl diving or to enter that race up the Statue of Liberty Steps. I can just hear her now...

"Oh trust me Charlie, there is hardly anybody in the 300+ pound category."

Yeah, no shit!

Remember what Nurse Rachhett did to Jack.

Be strong. When she gives you those "tylenols" ... don't swallow.

And she always seemed like such a nice broad, but now that I think of it, last time she was here at the bunker she gave me an aspirin and told me about these Spanish Galleons sunk in the Passaic River. Gold doubloons just there for the taking.

Sleep well, my friend,

PS: "Water for Elephants"... please, I'm a professional. I don't swing at the softballs.